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Уроки игры на саксофоне онлайнNick York


Обучение на саксофоне в любой точке мира, где есть доступ в интернет.


Весь учебный контент доступен в любой момент, благодаря облачному хранилищу.


Отвечаю на вопросы и пожелания своих учеников в любое время суток.


Я предлагаю уроки как для новичков в музыке, так и для уже имеющих опыт на саксофоне.


Начать учиться никогда не поздно. У меня есть ученики возрастом от 6 до 65 лет!


Бесплатная онлайн консультация для тех, кому нужна помощь в покупке саксофона.


Вы узнаете всё о брюшном дыхании саксофониста, позиции туловища, рук и пальцев, губных мыщц и многое другое – всё то, что очень важно начать делать правильно с самого начала обучения!


Я научу вас профессионально пользоваться микрофоном, микшером и другим оборудованием для выступлений, звукозаписи, а также музыкальными программами для практики игры (тюнер, метроном и др.).


Вы получите все необходимые знания по теории музыки через практические занятия на саксофоне, разучивая свои любимые композиции.


Современный саксофонист, педагог и исполнитель. В 2013 с отличием окончил Нижегородскую Государственную консерваторию по классу саксофона и фагота. Лауреат Всероссийских и Международных конкурсов, премии Министерства образования РФ.

Большой опыт работы в оркестрах и ансамблях. Активно занят в сессионной, студийной и концертной деятельности. В настоящее время артист Государственного духового оркестра России. Преподавательский стаж — больше 10 лет.


Inna Veloso

Playing the sax has been my life-long dream. I remember how once, while watching online tutorials on YouTube, I came across one from Nick, in which he was showing how to play scales – in a very simple way. My gut feeling told me to reach out and communicate exactly with him. He then responded, advised me what instrument to choose, and we started training, which I not in the least regret. I am having classes with Nick online, which may seem a bit more complicated than face-to-face. However, I’m satisfied with the results and, especially, with the teacher’s approach. I am keen on his punctuality, professionalism, advice and recommendations. What’s more, he’s always willing to respond and counsel even beyond the planned lesson. I call him ‘my saxophone guru’! I wish him creative wins and new accomplishments. An absolutely outstanding teacher, that’s who he is! I will be his student as long as time allows. And the wish is there always. Thank you, Nick York!

Nastya Agaphonova

I had been dreaming about playing the saxophone for quite a while, but hadn’t had the nerve to take it up from scratch. Until I found info about Nick on the Net and did make my mind to try! Which I not one jot regret! He’s a great teacher who can explain everything and give a hint when something goes wrong! I feel like continuing my studies! I hope I will have mastered this wonderful instrument with Nick’s help! Thank you!

Aleksey Kostonyan

The history of me meeting Nick started after his performance on my wedding. I really liked his style of play and his personality, too. A year later I decided to take up playing the sax and, of course, addressed Nick with that – as I had been inspired particularly with his play. I put progress and success I could feel even after half a year of studies down to Nick’s teaching skill. He will always reasonably praise me or scold if homework undone. To top it all, he inspires me to work and go on rising further. I just wish there was more time to take more lessons. Nick, I will be coming more often when I finish my construction works, I promise! Thank you for your patience and perseverance in your noble work.

Aleksey Shorin

Nick is a remarkable educator. His lessons are smooth sailing, him staying demanding and informative at the same time. He always tries to explain complicated things with simple words, in layman’s terms. Nick is a teacher focused on the practical effect, not on deep theoretical knowledge. His attitude to studies really motivate! That is why my advice to all who are still on the fence: cease doubting!

Nataly Zhenishek

I wanted to learn how to play the sax – and here it is, given to me as a present. I started to look for a teacher and was put on to him. I reckon he is a good teacher. He clearly breaks down information, has a creative approach to studies, always puts something new on offer, and takes his students’ wishes on board. Undoubtedly, Nick is a fair musician notwithstanding his teaching spirit. If any acquaintance of mine sets their sights on playing the saxophone, I will certainly recommend him to them.

Denis Afanasyev

I had been choosing a teacher for long before my choice turned next to Nick, which I’m very happy about. Not everyone can be so straightforward in explaining stuff. He will always understand and prompt you. Apart from being a teacher with a big ‘T’, Nick is a very amiable, sociable and responsible person! If you are still in two minds concerning your choice of a teacher, don’t lose your time, make an appointment with Nick!

Semen Prusakov

Nick is an excellent teacher who knows his stuff and a nice guy one has things to discuss, too. Due to lack of time, I’m having a hard time mastering the instrument but Nick supports me and gives me confidence. And if I can’t get something right, he always tries to find a way to aid in. With his help, I’m making my dream come true! A million ‘Thank you’ to him for that!